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Case Study: Client Interview Show Rate and Offer Rate Increased Using 360 Talent Avenue for Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Volume 1; Edition #12

The Talent Compass: Client Interview Show Rate and Offer Rate Increased Using 360 Talent Avenue for Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Hiring and recruitment statistics for 2023 according to Forbes

  • 46% of HR leaders report recruiting is their top priority in 2023
  • 36% of HR leaders say they don’t have the resources to recruit top talent
  • Making a job application mobile-friendly increases applicants by more than 11%
  • 86% of employees look at company reviews and ratings before applying to a job
  • 50% of employees won’t apply to a company with a bad reputation

Other key recruitment statistics: 

  • On average, it takes between one and three interviews to get a job offer.
  • Top job candidates are hired by recruiters within 10 days.
  • Glassdoor revealed that each posted corporate job opening draws 250 resumes.
  • The average number of job seekers who apply for jobs is 118.
  • The most-used excuse for missing a job interview is for a family emergency. 
Talent Compass Newsletter

Tracking, analyzing, and acting on key metrics is critical to the success of a recruiting operation. Some of the most basic metrics are the interview-to-offer and offer-to-acceptance rates. These analytics can help you identify problems—and successes—in your recruiting operations.

We recently published an important case study that discusses the relationship between the interview show rate and the subsequent increase in the offer rate within a company when partnering with an RPO. The study analyzes data collected from 360 Talent Avenue over a specific period to provide insight into the potential benefits of working with a talent acquisition company to improve the interview show rate and offer rate.

The results of the study revealed a clear correlation between the interview show rate and the increased offer rate when partnering with an RPO. Prior to working with 360 Talent Avenue the organization had an average interview show rate of 66.8% and an offer rate of 43.6%. After implementing changes to the recruitment process, the average interview show rate increased to 83.7%, leading to a subsequent offer rate increase to 54.7%.

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The Crossroads

If you’re a hiring manager, chances are you are well aware of the talent shortage. The pandemic ushered in the rise of remote work — but it also led to The Great Resignation in 2021, when more than 47 million workers quit their jobs for improved work-life balance, more compensation, or better workplace culture.

CaseStudyLiteTalent shortages remain a significant challenge for many businesses, especially the active candidates in the education, health services, leisure and hospitality sectors.

The best way to get ahead of this predicament is to foresee hiring needs, or, in other words, conduct a workforce planning exercise with leadership and incorporate recruitment analytics insights into forecasting. 

Long story short….the talent shortage isn’t going away…but next week we are going to share some tips to help you hire the right talent for your company even during times like these. 

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