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360's suite of recruitment solutions encompasses a wide selection of services, ranging from Direct Placement to Temporary Hiring.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

360 eliminates the headache from higher volume hiring. From end-to-end to seasonal to department-specific needs, we’ll fill your roles with qualified talent, quickly and at scale. Offload the volume. We’ll take it for you.

Specialized Search

Our individualized recruitment model is designed to place the best hires for those unique, hard-to-fill positions. We’re specialists in the recruitment of intermediate, management and executive talent. It’s white-glove treatment with every placement.

Recruitment Consulting

As a premier partner in the talent acquisition space, we pride ourselves on increasing efficiency across a vast range of industries. New Applicant Tracking System? Gross Hire Model? Recruitment Reporting? Our consultants can help.

Payroll Services & Employer of Record

360 Talent Avenue can help you hire, retain, and pay your employees. Our expert team will take on many of the HR tasks associated with managing your new team members including effective administration of employee benefits, payroll, compliance monitoring, and workers’ compensation 360’s got your back!

Our Process: Attract. Engage. Hire.

Attract, engage and hire the right talent that takes your business to levels unseen.

Attract Talent

The skill of attracting top talent requires a constant state of learning. Candidates are continuously changing where they spend their time professionally and socially, making it difficult to know when, where and how to engage for best attraction. 360 removes all of the guesswork.

Let 360 exceed your hiring expectations.

We invest time studying and analyzing both passive and active job seeker behavior, adapting recruitment strategies on relentless repeat. This arms us with a continuous array of unique strategies that not only focus on transactional steps but also the human side of attracting talent.

Since attraction is not a one-size-fits-all, we take the time to thoroughly understand your needs before building your ideal candidate profile. This dictates the direction of a thoughtfully planned and personalized recruitment strategy that displays your value proposition with a broader reach.

We track and analyze a plethora of attraction metrics including activity, conversion, volume and quality by source. Absorbing this knowledge eases the path for agile changes. Our experts have a proven track record of presenting diverse, qualified candidates for every opening.

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Engage Talent

360’s rigorous screening practice creates a process in which only the highest matches of skilled, qualified candidates advance. We serve as an extension of your team, communicating intentionally with candidates and reducing recruiting ramp-up times.

Meet qualified candidates efficiently with 360.

Recruiting is sales at its finest. 360 recruiters are best-in-class at presenting your unique offerings in a compelling way. Whether it’s benefits or perks, opportunity for growth, or company culture – we share in your excitement. We are an extension not only of the brand you are today, but also how you’d like to be perceived tomorrow.

Fostering solid relationships begins with honesty and transparency. While we’ve mastered the art of promoting an exciting job opportunity, we’re not shy to share your expectations. Presenting critical role responsibilities and a typical day-in-the-life are key components to ensuring the right candidates move forward.

We believe in human connection. Every new hire presents an opportunity to elevate your team. Thought-provoking questions, active listening skills, and behavioral interview techniques are all prime examples of how 360 uncovers your candidate’s experience and career aspirations to make the ultimate job match.

Hire Talent

We’ve made the perfect match and the candidate has accepted an offer. Now what?

Our team of experienced Onboarding Coordinators will support your candidates through the entire pre-hire process. We’re here to guide them through every step, providing clear direction, answering questions and ensuring a smooth transition from offer acceptance through the first day of work.

Let 360 exceed your hiring expectations.

We understand that a job change can induce a range of emotions. With 360, every candidate has multiple touch points in varying communication styles, including administration of specified onboarding documents. A series of warm, genuine connections that drive the process forward reduces anxiety and increases continued excitement for a successful day one start.

Lean on 360 to transform onboarding from a cumbersome, arduous process to one that is streamlined and simplified. The more efficient your pre-hire process, the sooner your new hire can begin adding value to your organization. Setting the stage of a collective, organized team promotes higher engagement pre-hire, paving the way to overall employee satisfaction.

360 tracks, measures, analyzes, and communicates onboarding trends specific to your organization. We provide predictive analytics for your leaders, evaluating trending conversion rates for each stage of the pre-hire process. You’ll have direct access to personalized data driven insights, coupled with guidance on how to best integrate into your recruitment plan.

There are recruiters, and then there are business partners in recruiting. 360 Talent Avenue is, and always leads, the latter. It’s not about quotas and headcount, it’s about building a greatest team and achieving real goals. When our internal recruiting team needed extra bandwidth to meet our growth needs, the whole team at 360 stepped up and found us some amazing salespeople who hit the ground running. I fully recommend 360 Talent Avenue!

Mike Terry, EVP Partnerships and Strategy, Spotter, Inc.

360 Talent Avenue demonstrates outstanding management experience and the ability to effectively scale recruiting functions. Their success stems from the hiring and development of a great internal team, construction of efficient talent acquisition processes, and intelligent investment in recruitment technology. I cannot recommend 360 Talent Avenue highly enough as a recruiting partner for a growing business!

Rob Shneer, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, HR Pals

I cannot say enough great things about 360 Talent Avenue. They took over our recruiting function, put the right infrastructure in place, hired an entirely new team, built reporting and process, and turned around the performance. They did all of this in just about one month. I have been continually astonished at their intelligence, integrity, personal ownership, and ability to get stuff done. I highly recommend 360.

Max Veggeberg, CEO, HomeWorks Energy

I have worked closely with 360 Talent Avenue in two different organizations. They are a sharp, deeply knowledgeable, and solutions-focused talent acquisition team who operates with a sense of urgency. 360 has delivered truly impressive results in both quickly scaling large organizations as well as swifty building a high performing recruiting organization in a mid-sized company from the ground up. I highly recommend 360 Talent Avenue.

Jason Zink, Director Regional Operations, SunPower

360 Talent Avenue is a recruiting dynamo. Having worked with recruiting leaders for many disruptive fast-paced companies, I’ve seen it all. 360 is a shining light of what it means to attract high-caliber people to the companies they support. Their passion for talent acquisition is undeniable, their energy is off the charts, and their results speak for themselves. 360 is responsible for finding more top performers in the renewable energy space than anyone in the industry. It is with great confidence that I enthusiastically recommend 360 Talent Avenue to any business leader that is looking for a true recruiting hero to make your company stronger than it’s ever been before!

Billy Samoa Saleebey, Co-Founder & CEO, Podify

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