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Building a culture of excellence requires continuous innovation and a hunger for greatness. Our team is committed to raising the bar, elevating the experience for candidates, colleagues, and team members.

Lacey Menchen is proud to lead 360 Talent Avenue as its CEO.

For two decades, Lacey has overseen numerous high-performing talent acquisition programs across multiple industries. In every role, Lacey’s refreshing, creative approach to matching companies with talent delivered unrivaled, sustainable results time and again. Always the analyst, Lacey felt compelled to explore the “why” behind her massive success. She quickly realized that her process and methods of execution were uniquely hers, rendering her partnership and knowledge indispensable to many businesses. Fortunately, her research highlighted a massive gap: Recruitment relationships have unnecessary limitations. With innate determination, Lacey immediately realized she could replicate her success, expand her reach, and seamlessly help even more businesses with their recruitment needs.

Lacey’s answer was to design a strategic recruiting firm like none in the market. Simply put, keep the client top of mind and put the hiring needs of customers at the forefront.

360 Talent Avenue was born.

As CEO of 360, Lacey develops, sets and executes our strategy. She is a visionary entrepreneur, singularly focused on long term, sustainable delivery and growth that will propel 360 to become the industry’s leading service provider.

Lacey openly illustrates and represents both the 360 brand and values in every interaction. She fosters an environment of transparency, where challenges are perceived as thought provoking opportunities. Lacey believes in unleashing the potential of our people, empowering all to bring their genuine selves to work, and that recruiters should be valued for their performance and recognized for their contributions. While educated, purposeful decisions are made daily, Lacey always considers downstream impacts. She ties every piece of 360’s operation back to our business goals and ultimate mission of connecting businesses with exceptional talent. Lacey takes a genuine interest in 360’s clients, recognizing their individuality and the remarkable contributions they make in their industry and communities. Lacey’s passion is contagious and an inspiration to every person with whom she interacts. She is the defining factor that makes us different and is why the 360 organization will continue to be both an employer of choice and a trusted recruiting partner for business customers.

When she steps away from her professional activities, Lacey can be found swimming, reading and traveling. She finds immense joy in raising her two daughters to be strong, accepting, independent thinkers poised to change the world.

Veronica Walsh was hired as 360 Talent Avenue’s Chief Operating Officer in 2020, bringing over a decade of advanced operational and financial leadership expertise from various industries. She has far reaching experience in operational excellence as evidenced by her extensive history in elevating business performance from ordinary to extraordinary.

Veronica is responsible for overseeing the continuous evolution of 360 Talent Avenue. In her freshman year with 360, Veronica leaned on her solid foundation in people, process and systems and executed strategies that increased our year-over-year growth by triple digits. She is driven by a life-long passion for learning, often challenging others to think beyond the current status quo. That curiosity allows Veronica to maximize any present state, transforming aspirational goals into operational reality.

While Veronica’s list of tangible successes are long, she also shines as a leader of people. Employee engagement is always top of mind, as she finds unique ways to gather points of view, feedback and ideas from the larger team, consistently modeling inclusivity and acceptance of diversity in thought. Veronica embraces servant leadership, connecting with the needs of our employees, helping them grow and prosper in and out of 360. This investment inspires our team to improve efficiency, value, and the overall experience for customers, colleagues, and the organization.

Veronica’s considerable career is peppered with accolades and awards, but she is most proud of her accomplishments outside of work. Veronica is the proud mother of two sons who play ice hockey and dedicates her personal time teaching them how to be leaders both on and off the ice.

As 360 Talent Avenue’s Senior Director of Engagement & Innovation, Melissa is responsible for developing new ways of approaching the attraction piece of recruiting, which is the foundation of talent acquisition. Melissa brings with her over 20 years of experience in the Recruitment Marketing & Operational spaces, carrying knowledge that is unparalleled to anyone in the industry. Through innovation in workflow processes and technology, Melissa has been able to drive down costs while increasing efficiencies and creating professional development-focused environments that enable and empower her team.

Prior to 360, Melissa has helped multiple recruiting/staffing agencies streamline, develop and implement solutions that both optimized internal and external performance. Melissa’s background in operations, process, automation, recruitment integrations, CRM and content/story development coupled with her penchant for finding cutting-edge solutions have made her an integral part of the organizations she’s been a part of.

When Melissa isn’t transforming the way recruiting is done, you can find her at the “Happiest Place on Earth” with her family. At Disney, there is something for everyone, making it a fun place for the whole family – especially with kids 10 years apart! Their favorite movie is Emperor’s New Groove and they’ve got the inside jokes to prove it. Next to spending time with her family and vacationing at Disney, Melissa loves to get lost in the Real Housewives television series. It’s the ultimate unplugging for her, as she gets captivated by the crazy storylines and insanity of it all!

As 360 Talent Avenue’s Client Delivery Director, Angel strives to revolutionize the recruiting industry by giving businesses an opportunity to hire better, hire faster, and work with a team of recruiting experts that are dedicated to their success. Angel’s approach to management is one that builds trust within her team, empowering them to lean on their strengths, which helps to provide 360 clients with the highest level of service. Understanding the relationship between client and candidate is crucial and Angel’s team truly embraces and prioritizes the importance of that relationship.

Prior to 360, Angel was the Director of Talent Acquisition at a leading clean energy technology company. She spent 8 years supporting the build out of an entire Retail and Sales Team, which spanned across 22 states. With a passion for people, Angel has always enjoyed bringing people together, which made Talent Acquisition a natural career choice for her. Angel prides herself on her exceptional listening skills, which enable her to consistently and effectively deliver positive client and candidate experiences.

Outside of 360, Angel loves spending time with her husband, children and grandson. Angel loves to spend time between Lake Oroville in California or Lake Hamilton in Arkansas. When she’s not at the lake (or working!) Angel and her husband can be found renovating anything from houseboats to homes and everything in between.

As 360 Talent Avenue’s Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Becky is responsible for 360’s go to market strategy, which includes leading the Business Development and Marketing Teams. Becky is hyper-focused on building and launching successful multi-channel programs that drive sales while keeping costs low. Her desire for efficiency and effectiveness guides her, but she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty or try something that hasn’t been proven before.

When it comes to managing her team, Becky is adept at identifying and nurturing the individual strengths of each team member and developing strategies that will promote and grow trust, high morale, clear communication and productive collaboration. Becky encourages her team members to “take the baton and run with it.”

With over 20 years of experience managing and developing sales teams, Becky brings with her a wealth of knowledge when it comes to designing and implementing programs that drive strategic growth. Most recently, Becky managed a $35 million dollar customer promotions program for a national solar company that drove over 5,500 new referral accounts in one year and the company saved over $2 million dollars in administrative costs by launching several key cost savings programs. Becky has always set ambitious goals while embracing change, innovation and continuous learning.

Outside of working for 360, you can find Becky enjoying time with her family and fur babies, two baby kittens, Evie and Simon, or with a book in her hand, or daydreaming about being at the beach. After watching the latest season of The White Lotus, Becky is planning a trip to Italy to explore some of the beaches there and see how they stack up to her favorites here. A Bay Area resident, Becky loves being close to the city, but also enjoys it from a far. Her always-on-the-go 13-year-old keeps her on her toes with school and sports and she feels like her other job is being her daughters’ chauffeur!

What Our Team is Saying About Our Leadership

“The employees at 360 are given the opportunity to grow and expand. Because of the encouragement and faith of leadership in their employees, it is nearly impossible to not thrive in this environment.”

360 Recruiter

“The managers and directors that are working with us everyday are some of the best leaders I have ever learned from.”

360 Talent Acquisition Supervisor

“The leadership team is engaged and fully invested in the growth of their teams.”

360 Senior HR Generalist

“The leadership team is always jumping in to help or ask if we need anything. They go above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need to get the job done efficiently.”

360 Recruiter

“Our leadership team is supportive, kind, open-minded, caring and compassionate.”

360 Talent Acquisition Manager

What I love most about working at 360 is the one-on-one attention and training received from leadership. Our talent acquisition managers truly want to see us succeed.”

360 Senior Recruiter

360 leaders are human – goals are clear – and they support a work-life balance.

360 Recruiter

I feel trusted and supported by leadership to do my job well.

360 Recruiter

The leadership team genuinely cares about their team. They’re approachable. They take the time to train recruiters so that we feel completely set up for success.

360 Recruiter

Awards & Recognition

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Best Company for
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Inclusive Benefits
Top 5% eNPS Score

360 was ranked Top 5% in the Employer Net Promoter Score. Our team members feel confident and proud to recommend 360 to a friend or colleague.

A+ Overall Culture Score

360 ranks in the Top 5% Overall Culture of similar sized companies. We received A+ ratings in Overall Culture, Outlook, Retention, Office Culture, Professional Development, and Meetings. At 360 we lift each other up.

Top 5% Work-Life Balance Score

100% of employees surveyed report they are happy with their work-life balance. We promote a balanced lifestyle, fostering an environment of well-balanced team members.

A+ Employee Happiness Score

360 was ranked Top 5% in Employee Happiness Score. 100% of surveyed 360 team members look forward to interacting with their team.

Top 15% Gender Score

360 ranks in the Top 15% Gender Score of similar sized companies. We are proud and honored to employ and elevate every gender.

Top 10% Diversity Score

360 was awarded A+ ratings in both Work Culture and Environment. Our various cultures and backgrounds provide an opportunity for increased creativity and improved cultural awareness.

A+ CEO Score | Top 5%

360’s CEO ranked in the Top 5% of tens of thousands of companies. Intent on revolutionizing the industry, our CEO leads our team with passion, innovation and integrity.

A+ Executive Team Score | Top 5%

Our Executive Team ranked in the Top 5% of similar sized companies. At 360, it’s people, not the process, that come first.

A+ Leadership Score | Top 5%

Ranked in the Top 5%, our leadership team takes pride in leading 360 to success. We listen intently, seeking different perspectives to solve our clients’ recruiting challenges.

360 was compared to similar sized companies by Comparably. 360 was awarded by Mogul as a Top 100 company with inclusive benefits as part of their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategy.

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