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Tips on Career Advancement and Insights Into the World of Recruiting with Lacey Menchen

Our CEO, Lacey Menchen is honored to be a guest on the podcast, Insight Out

In this podcast, Lacey openly explores how her personal career experience guided her professional path, culminating the founding of 360 Talent Avenue.

The captivating conversation reveals what discipline she learned in her career, what she means when she says it is important to be your own culture driver, and why a strong leader must be okay with replicating themself. Lacey provides tips on career advancement, strategies for developing relationships with colleagues, and valuable insights for anyone who is seeking a job. She shares words of advice on what to do before, during and after an interview – all critical tips for landing the dream job.

She also discusses what it’s like to be in the Talent Acquisition space, including giving us a peek into a day in the life of a recruiter, how to find rockstar talent, and the single most important quality a great recruiter must possess. 

If you listen closely, you may even hear secret pointers on how to wow potential employers and get your profile noticed on LinkedIn.

Click to enjoy the tactical strategies Lacey shares on this insightful episode of Insight Out.

Lacey Menchen, CEO

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