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The Power of Partnership: How Different Leadership Perspectives Fuel 360’s Success

Should you look for a partner with similar expertise? Or, should you search for a leader with a different perspective? According to 360 CEO, Lacey Menchen, the goal is to find the leader who holds the missing piece of the puzzle.  

Lacey reflects proudly on her decision to select Veronica Walsh as 360’s Chief Operating Officer. Choosing an executive can significantly alter the direction of a company, as leaders are a reflection of the entire organization. “You must be confident in their experience, skillset and leadership style,” shared Lacey.

Lacey Menchen and Veronica Walsh

“Take inventory of what your business needs first. Be very honest. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Then look for the leader who excels in all of those areas.” 

What made Veronica so qualified? “Veronica has the unique ability to listen, understand, and present comprehensive solutions,” shared Lacey. “She asks the right questions.”

Veronica’s efficiency and quality of work quickly made her an invaluable 360 leader. “I challenged Veronica to build solutions in a way that would satisfy all different types of clients,” shared Lacey. “Veronica has a natural ability to see around corners. She anticipates what’s ahead and has a plan.” 

Lacey and Veronica genuinely care about the success of their clients. They bounce ideas off of one another, proposing solutions for complex challenges in today’s tight labor market. With mutual trust forged through challenging periods, respect is reflective in their every communication. 

“We respect each other’s opinions and look at situations from different perspectives. This delivers a much better outcome instead of just solving a problem on your own,” shared Veronica. “The solution is typically very thought out, because we have worked together to create a better solution for our clients. We listen, ask questions, and dig deep, expanding our knowledge on how to build this enterprise together.” 

Communication can be challenging for this dynamic, quick-moving duo. They are committed to jumping on calls and supporting each other. “It’s critical that we are aware of what is going on in each other’s worlds,” said Lacey.

“Our relationship goes far beyond respect and trust, we genuinely like and care about each other,” shared Lacey. “The best part about working with Veronica is being able to build something phenomenal with someone who has all of the right ingredients: integrity, work ethic, dedication, and knowledge. To be able to celebrate it with somebody who really contributes makes it all worthwhile, and that’s Veronica.” 

“Our partnership works because we are vulnerable and fully trust each other,” shared Veronica. “We support each other. We celebrate our wins, together.”

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