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Hiring Talent During Times of Organizational Growth

How do you hire employees who have the skills and dedication to fuel your organization’s success?
What does it take to build a winning team positioned to help an organization grow?
According to 360 Talent Avenue’s Chief Operating Officer, Veronica Walsh, it all begins with formulating a growth plan.

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Veronica is no stranger to tremendous success, boasting a 560% year over year growth on her first trip around the sun at 360. Let’s explore her approach to building the team that achieved this extraordinary growth. 

“First, we rooted ourselves in metrics,” shared Veronica. “It’s hard to define a plan for growth if you don’t have a baseline from which to build the strategy.” Veronica and team analyzed current metrics, determined reasonable growth targets and mapped out the tactical blueprint.  The tangible planning was complete, but the strategic team knew they had to consider the caliber of talent needed to make this vision a reality.

Veronica recognized that hiring the right team members was essential, but what made right, right? She says “It starts with the Leadership team. Defining and modeling our Mission, Vision and Values.”  From there, Veronica shared that the team operated with transparency when interviewing candidates. “We convey our culture, spending ample time exploring that topic plus leadership styles prior to moving into the position expectations. It gave the candidate an opportunity to really get to know 360 as people, not just as their potential employer.  We knew we needed that match first.”  Veronica continued,  “Then we moved on to covering a day in the life and what to behaviorally expect from a business experiencing extreme growth. Are the candidates open to dynamic change? Competing priorities? Are they flexible? It’s a disservice to the business, colleagues and our clients if we are hiring people who aren’t adaptable to change.”

When you hire a good culture fit and employees believe in your mission, growth comes organically. “Delivering exceptional service is easy to do, because you are on the same path and have the same goals,” Veronica stated. “Having happy team members makes for happy clients that grow with you. Happy clients are the best referrals and those referrals support additional growth. We create these scenarios where everyone wins”

Veronica closed with one final thought, bringing the conversation full “circle”. “At 360, we believe the power behind our momentum is our people.”

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