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Career Growth and Development

Having a career that is meaningful and fulfilling is top of the list, for many people. And if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work at all. 

Being able to grow and contribute in your position or field is very gratifying. However, there are times when we encounter obstacles or periods of stagnation, where progress seems elusive. This can often seem overwhelming, trying to navigate through these challenges and reach the next level while maintaining fulfillment.

There are many ways to advance your career that don’t force you to sacrifice yourself or your life goals. But how do you do that? How can you achieve this delicate balance? How do you foster career growth while nurturing other aspects of your life? The answer often lies within ourselves, as self-reflection is an excellent starting point. Thankfully, there are several simple yet invaluable tips and tools at your disposal to help you achieve both personal and professional growth.

Career Growth and Development

Mental Shifts

Find Your Purpose 

Have you thought about your life’s purpose lately? That doesn’t just refer to your job title; it’s more about what you’re meant to accomplish. We all seem to be looking at life a little differently, as of late. Looking inward and spending time thinking about what it is that makes your heart sing is a really valuable process to invest your time in. Whether it’s a new direction in your career, or a complete shift in what you’re doing, this practice will help you to find more joy in your career and ultimately help you to advance. Bonus, once you find what it is that you were meant to do, even the tough parts seem effortless and more meaningful.

Eliminate Time Wasters

Do you find yourself spending time on things that don’t offer any real value? Endless scrolling on social media is a big one for many people. Considering this in your free time is one thing, but slacking off or wasting time at work, may appear to others that you don’t value your position at your company or that you may not have enough to do. It’s important to avoid wasting your company’s time and resources, if you want to grow within your organization. Refocus, tackle that to-do list, and have a conversation with your boss if you feel that you don’t have enough to do. It will help them to see more value in you, when you take the initiative to ask for more responsibility.

Manifest the Things You Want 

You may have heard the buzz around manifesting. True it may sound like some far-fetched notion, but in truth there are many examples of how this way of thinking has created abundance for those that make it a practice of envisioning and speaking what it is they desire, into the universe, and then it coming to fruition. Either way, it can’t hurt to vocalize what you want, you may just find that hearing the words out loud is enough to get the ball rolling to make it happen.

Your Environment

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Another is to surround yourself with like-minded people: you may have heard the phrase, “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” by Jim Rohn. Be cognizant of who you surround yourself with. You want people who you can collaborate with, who motivate and inspire you, and help you and your business to grow. Find your pack and grow, grow, grow together. 

Find a Mentor

To that end, finding a mentor can help guide you along your path to the next level. Look for someone who has had the success you’re looking for, maybe that’s in your current network or find a leader within your industry. If you are unable to find someone, there are many resources available, like Ted Talks, books, YouTube, podcasts, etc., for you to learn from. In the end, you needn’t recreate the wheel, find someone who’s done what you are aspiring to do and replicate it. If you’re lucky enough to find someone to offer their time, try to provide them with value as well. The best mentorship is when you can both learn something from each other. 

This may be a time to look for help from an outside source, like an RPO partner for instance. Partnering with others outside of your expertise can help you get the job done quicker.

Communicate with your Peers

They say communication is the key to success in all relationships, personal and professional. Speak up and speak out when given the opportunity. When you haven’t been given the opportunity, make the opportunity happen. Talk with your associates, your network, your mentor, partners and experts, this will often provide a fresh perspective. Many great partnerships begin with a simple conversation.

Making the Changes

Set Goals and Expectations

To really get to the next level, it comes down to setting goals and expectations for yourself and what you want to achieve. And if you want to truly achieve something, the best way to go about that is to set realistic goals and stick to them. Are you a list maker? Do you use a kanban board? A planner on your phone? How do you organize your tasks and your time? Often having a visual reminder and creating a plan for your short and long term goals will help you to achieve them faster. Then make a promise to yourself to accomplish what you have decided to do and don’t deviate from it.

Exceed Your Expectations

Once you have those expectations set, think of practical ways you can go above and beyond to exceed them. Find opportunities to work outside of your job title or department, assist or lead on a project. You’ll be able to showcase your skills, while learning through the process to benefit your growth. Meeting or exceeding job expectations is the best way to ensure job security, aids in your growth for the next level of your career, all while continuing to improve yourself.

In Summary

Career growth and development are ongoing processes. It’s important to regularly reassess your goals and make adjustments as needed to stay on a path of personal and professional growth. Continue to look for ways to grow, whether that’s through continued education, online resources or learning from mentors, always be open and excited to learn. The most successful people in this world are those who continue to search for ways to improve, and know that there’s always more to learn.

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