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5 Tips to Staying Fit While Working Remotely

After Covid-19 spread around the world, many industries switched to fully remote or hybrid work. As more and more people began working from the comfort of their homes, the World Health Organization found that working from home may be associated with a more sedentary lifestyle and, in turn, an increased risk of obesity.

Most of the calories we consume during the day are burned through Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), such as walking and other core activities. When you work from home, activities can sometimes be even more limited.

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Here are some easy ways to stay in shape while working from your home office:

1. Standing Desks
Standing desks have gained popularity in recent years and have been shown to have many positive health benefits. Some of the benefits are that standing burns more calories than sitting, even if you’re just standing in place. Research also showed that 67 percent of workers felt more productive and 86 percent felt more awake and alert. Standing activates your leg and heart muscles while stimulating your circulation, which can help you burn more calories and increase strength.
Estimated calories per hour burned: 60 – 90

2. Stand Up Desk Treadmills
Although this is a more expensive option, it is one of the most effective ways to stay in shape while working remotely. It takes the standing desk a step further by adding walking to it. Studies have shown that walking 1 to 2.5 miles per hour can burn over 200 calories per hour. Not only does walking increase physical activity, it also helps oxygenate the brain by stimulating blood flow.

Clearer and more efficient thinking is a huge result to walking while working! Since most people have busy schedules outside of work, it can be difficult to achieve the full recommended level of physical activity, so this is a great way to stay fit while also working from home.
Estimated calories per hour burned: 170-20

3. Under Desk Bikes
The under desk bike is very similar in concept to a desk treadmill and includes small pedals that slide under the desk so you can pedal while sitting. It can be modified to increase resistance, making pedaling harder or easier. This type of aerobic exercise can help strengthen your legs and joints while also providing you with aerobic exercise.
Estimated calories per hour burned: 100 – 600 (depending on intensity)

4. Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are an easy and very affordable option for body training and fitness. With a band, you can do resistance training even while working at your desk. This means that  between writing and brainstorming, your body can stay active along with your mind. Exercises may include bicep curls, tricep extensions, and shoulder shrugs, but there are many variations and different exercises that can be done with resistance bands while working at your desk.
Estimated calories per hour burned: 180 – 252

5. Diet
Exercise and an active lifestyle are of course important to staying fit and healthy; however, nutrition is a key factor in overall health and fitness. People with few distractions at home may find that they are more aware of hunger than when at an outside office, which can lead to more eating and potentially unhealthy food choices. By focusing on eating healthy foods and healthy snacks, you can ensure that you stay in good condition and keep your body healthy. Research shows that both the overall composition of diet and specific food components affect brain function, meaning that diet not only keeps you fit, but also improves cognitive function which in turn will improve the quality of the work you produce.

One of 360 Talent Avenue’s employees states, “I keep a resistance band and small hand weights near my desk. During workdays I try to use them when I can, even if it’s for only five minutes. Doing something every day helps me stay focused and I feel much better as well!”

There are many other exercises you can find online specific to staying active while working from home (many don’t even require equipment). These workouts will allow you to help break up your work day, which will increase your productivity. Building muscle also helps you burn more NEAT calories, which will help you stay fit and healthy in the long run.

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